The sun has set on another Atlassian Summit. And we had a rocking good time. It wasn’t just the song-and-dance number this morning (“Oh whoa whoa whoa, Summit Nights, had me a blast”), Darth Vader’s deft control of the Atlassian Wallboards, the Oprah moment when attendees found a free pass to Atlassian University, the dozens of talks, lightning talks, and speakers from around the world.

It was also the stellar turnout by customers, partners and sponsors who found the extra energy reserves to pull themselves out of bed to attend the talks first thing in the morning after a long night of partying. I don’t think I can remember going to another tradeshow were an equal number of people attended the keynote on both days — and stayed for the entirety. Even the arctic breeze from the hotel’s air conditioning system couldn’t put a freeze on the event.

Today, we introduced a number of new products and services including: Atlassian University, our new tutorial system helping tens, hundreds or thousands of users at a time get up-to-speed on Jira, Confluence, and GreenHopper. Atlassian Answers, a new Q&A forums tool, was also unveiled. Customers today got an extensive demo of Fisheye’s new Commit Graph feature, a new way to visualize your repositories and commits. And we unveiled Jira Mobile Connect that allows iPhone users to easy send crash reports and feedback to developers.

We handed out many awards — and a lot of cash — today, including:

  • Codegeist winners, our annual developer competition, who won a whopping total of $45,000 for their stellar plugins.
  • The International Potato Center, based in Lima, Peru, won our 2nd annual Do-Gooder Award, an annual competition for our non-profit customers. The International Potato Center, who dedicate their work to fighting hunger, won a $10,000 donation from Atlassian.
  • And, there were three Charlie Award winners, our annual “best use of our products” awards: Justin Palmerlee at for best use of Jira, Fabian Lopez at vxVista for best use of Confluence, and Patrick Pigatti at QAD for best use of three or more products.

Upstairs, the AtlasBar, our homage to Apple’s Genius Bar, was packed with customers who needed technical help, and the Atlassian Gurus room, staffed by Atlassian Product Managers, was hopping with people who wanted to discuss their product strategy and the product roadmaps. I’m fairly certain that the Partner Lounge and Chill Out rooms were equally filled throughout the day with meetings and people sneaking in some work.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who attended, sponsored, and otherwise assisted with this year’s event. Slides are available now and keynote and breakout session videos will be available shortly.

Pics from today:

Summit 2011: Day 3...