There’s no better place than Atlassian Summit 2012 to get advice on making the most of the products you’re using every day, be the first to test out new products and features, and hear how other teams are using the software. Maybe that’s why 92.3% of attendees at Summit 2011 reported that the conference met their objectives.

At Summit, there are tons of opportunities to schedule time to sit down with our engineers, product managers, and support staff to learn about the product roadmap, get tips on using features and gaining adoption, and troubleshoot issues. And there’s even more opportunity for peer to peer leaning and best practices discussion during birds-of-a-feathers and networking hours.

The rundown

There are 80+ presentations covering just about everything a team would need to know to build products faster and collaborate more effectively. But even more personalized learning is available throughout the event.

  • AtlasBar – Our homage to the Apple Genius Bar, meet with our legendary Support team to get your product questions answered
  • Guru Room – Bend the ears of our Product Managers and Engineers with your feature and product requests, or get demos of how we use our products
  • Decompression Room – Got a burning question about the presentation you just say? You can find presenters in the Speaker Decompression Room
  • Sponsor Pavilion – Curious how to take your implementation to the next level? Find the answer in the Sponsor Pavilion where you’ll see the latest add-ons, integrations, and services available for Atlassian products
  • Birds-of-a-feather – At lunchtime we’ll have areas set up by industry so you can chat up peers, hear their secrets to success and share yours
  • Welcome reception – Summit officially kicks off at 6pm on Wednesday. Grab a cocktail and meet with this year’s attendees


Would you run a marathon without building up to it first? Can you imagine taking on the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad without instruction from Pai Mei? If you answered “heck no” to both of these questions, then you might also be interested in the eight courses at Summit for both beginning and veteran customers. Whether you’re looking to learn the fundamentals of Jira or Confluence, or get DVCS training from the pros at Bitbucket, we have the training for you.

Summit 2012 is the best place to bring your questions and curiosity to become better practitioners of the Art of the Team. Register today and secure your seat at our biggest event of the year.

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