Why do some people spend endless hours pondering the details and splitting hairs over whether using a wiki will provide any value to their organizations? Couldn’t that time be better spent actually using it, and finding out? In Social Media is About Sociology Not Technology, Brian Solis says: Almost daily I hear, “There are so many tools out there that I don’t even know where to jump in” and “I don’t get why any of this matters, maybe I’m just too old.”
I hear the same thing from some of the organizations I visit. They think their environment, problems, etc. are different from anyone else. The reality: they’re all the same, and the reason people inside these organizations think they’re different is a direct result of the inefficiency of their current communication methods. Brian sums it up well: “…how we do things today is long overdue for a complete overhaul and social media is only forcing the evolution that should have happened long before. Whether you jump on board or not, evolution will happen without you. And, not everyone will survive the transition…”
So the question is: Will you get with the program, or not?

Stop splitting hairs and debating: You can’t...