When I joined Atlassian we were a team of less than 10 people. Now we number around 230, yet we still think of ourselves as a startup – although it occasionally gets debated. Thus it seems fitting to be supporting the startup community we admire so much. This Friday in San Francisco, we’ll be sponsoring a hot startup community event: Startup Lessons Learned.
The event has an awesome speaker line up including a keynote from Kent Beck and talks from Randy Komisar and Dave McClure. There are also a couple of speakers from Aardvark, one of the organisations speaking at Atlassian’s own startup event, Starter Day (cough, June 9 in San Francisco, cough).
Atlassian loves supporting the little guy. It’s little wonder why last year, on the back of the global financial crisis, we started providing software for startups and small teams with our $10, 10-user perpetual Starter Licenses. By placing some of the industry’s best software development tools into their hands, we’ve been hoping to facilitate a little more innovation. In fact, a number of speakers at Startup Lessons Learned also happen to be Atlassian customers: Zynga & Aardvark. Hmmm… successful startup… Atlassian customer. Coincidence?

Want to join us?

This is going to be a really interesting event. I’ll probably travel by Muni to get there, although I wish I could take a more appropriate mode of transport. If you want to join me, and haven’t got a ticket yet, I can swing you a 25% discount – just use the discount code ATLASSIAN when buying your ticket. That said, if you aren’t able to make it to Startup Lesson’s Learned, you can relax – turns out the thoughtful team from Startup Lesson’s Learned will be streaming the entire event.

Startup Lessons Learned Live Stream (Friday 23rd April @ 9am Pacific)

Startup Lessons Learned – More Support For The Startup Community