Introducing our latest partnership: Startup Tees

For those that have been following Atlassian for a while, you’ll know that we love t-shirts. As Adam Nash from LinkedIn says best, they help define our tribal identity, keep things casual, and make sure we all have flair points.

So, when we heard about the project Startup Tees, we knew we wanted in on the action. In a nutshell, it’s an online store for startup tees, from Dropbox to Reddit to yours truly.


We got in touch with the creators a few weeks back, several startup-loving students from Penn State (pictured at right), and sent them a few of our finest threads. They’ve sold out of many of our styles, but you can still grab an Angry Nerds t-shirt or one of the other cool startup tees (don’t worry, it won’t hurt our feelings).

Stimulate Our Economy, Plz?

Go check out the Startup Tees store, buy a few tees and enjoy your new-found startup style points. Bonus points: take a photo of your new shirt and share it with us on Facebook.

Spreading the T-Shirt Love...