In my experience with Confluence, there are a plethora of pages I want to keep up with; some I already know about, others I don’t know about, and the rest I don’t know that I don’t know about (Say that ten times fast).  Despite my best efforts to correct information deficit, I still miss out on important discussions and updates on Confluence.

That’s where the new ‘Watch’ button comes in.  You can now choose to focus your attention on a single page or oversee all pages within a space.  This new button seeks to eliminate that irksome cloud of information that floats just outside of your awareness.  Staying in the loop is now easier than ever.

No more hide-and-seek

We listened to your feedback and made the “watch” feature more salient by inserting it directly onto the Space, Page, or blog post between “edit” and “share.”


Watch one, watch all

Now, you can choose to watch a Page or an entire Space.  Watching a Space allows you to receive notifications on all Pages within that Space.


Staying on top of interesting blogs is just as easy! With one click you can watch a blog post, and even choose to be notified when new blogs are published in that Space. This is perfect for keeping tabs on people or teams you find interesting.


Now, you don’t have to worry about missing out on important updates and discussions. So feel free to fill your brain with other things. I’m going to start with a double shot latte.

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The new Watch button will be available in our upcoming Confluence 5.2 release. See the EAP release notes for more details.

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