Wiki consultant James Matheson performed a social network analysis of, and recently wrote about his findings. He looked at the relationship between contributors based on common page editing, and the relationship between pages themselves based on the volume of edits and number of editors.
The report observed that the home page is frequently edited, but by editors who appear to edit only the home page. This is because when editors tag pattern pages with one of four tags: people pattern, people anti-pattern, adoption pattern, or adoption anti-pattern, a link to the page is automatically added to the corresponding list on the home page.
Another observation is that editors appear to be seeing many new pages, which is a reflection of the growth of the community. In addition to pattern pages, members are creating their own personal profiles, which include at least one but sometimes multiple pages.
A third observation is that there are more “one page only” editors, which is common to social network and referred to as the “small world” effect. In my opinion, this happens on Wikipatterns because some contributors may be focusing their contributions to a particular pattern page because they’re currently applying that pattern to their own wiki.
All in all, an interesting report. In case you’re interested, the authors didn’t include my activity on Wikipatterns because it’s quite high and would have distracted from the activity of the broader community, which they were focusing on.

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