We don’t usually do the whole teaser thing. But I just think this (long awaited) feature looks so sweet that I had to share.
Side-by-side diffs have never been Fisheye’s strong point. What we have now isn’t terrible, but it certainly isn’t great either, especially on a small screen. A little while ago during one of our ShipIt competitions (where everyone is given a day and a half to deliver whatever they want) Nic Venegas won with a rich side-by-side diff viewer.
Well, it finally made it onto Fisheye’s backlog and the first cut just went out in the first internal milestone of Fisheye 2.2. Enough yabbering see for yourself.

As you can see it is early days, but its probably already the best in browser side-by-side diff viewer around.

Sneak Peek: Sexy Side-by-side Diffs...