Back in February, we launched the latest edition of Atlassian’s add-on development competition, Codegeist. We invited developers everywhere to build add-ons for Jira, Confluence, Stash, and our developer tools, with the promise of $65,000 in cash prizes and the opportunity to sell their add-on commercially on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Last month, we announced Content Scheduler for Confluence as our February winner, which brings us to March…

Skiblz Cam, our March winner!

Skiblz Cam screenshot 1We’re pleased to announce that Skiblz Cam, a Google Chrome browser extension and plugin for Jira, is the winner of the $10,000 add-on of the month prize for March!

Skiblz Labs created Skiblz Cam to help developers and QA teams spend less time filing bugs during testing. How? By creating a Google Chrome extension that allows users to record a short video of their open browser tab as a GIF file and create a Jira issue with the video attached, all without having to switch back to Jira. Using GIFs instead of another video format keeps file sizes small and means users do not need additional plugins to view files. The video files are saved directly into the Jira database itself, so data can stay completely behind your organization’s firewall. Finally, the browser extension is all-HTML, meaning that you get the power of short videos to describe bugs without the slowness and security vulnerabilities of Java or Flash.

You can also attach GIFs to existing Jira issues.

Skiblz Cam screenshot 2

Runner Up: Password Policy for Confluence

Our March runner up is Password Policy for Confluence by InTENSO. Password Policy helps Confluence administrators ensure greater security for their Confluence isntances by allowing them to set security constraints when users create passwords. For example, administrators can enforce rules for minimum and maximum length, requirements for numbers, capitals, or special characters, and mandate that passwords be changed at regular intervals.

Password Policy for Confluence

Join me in congratulating Skiblz CamPassword Policy, and the other 19 fantastic entries we received for Codegeist during the month of March. We’ll be awarding a $10,000 prize for Skbilz Cam, and they’ll be eligible to receive the $15,000 “Best Overall Add-on Prize” in June.

Don’t forget about the Atlassian Marketplace

We’ve seen some fantastic entries for Codegeist so far, but there’s still plenty of time! Add-ons submitted by midnight PST will be eligible for the $10,000 April prize, but if that’s not enough time, we will be awarding a prize in May too. That’s plenty of time to development the next amazing add-on for Jira, Confluence, or one of our developer tools. Stay tuned!

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