crowd_logo.gif We’re excited to introduce our first Crowd case study!
Learn how Appfire Technologies connected Crowd to a handful of different applications, including Also, read the how and the why Crowd is now Appfire Technologies’ single sign-on (SSO) solution of choice.
Here’s a clip from the case study:

Q: What’s the real challenge when it comes to integration issues?
A: Traditionally, the inherent problem with all of these integration projects is having multiple data stores — there are multiple repositories for similar user information. Using Crowd on the project, we were able to keep a single system of records. With each identity, you can store as many attributes as you’d like.

Want more? Read the entire Crowd case study.
A special thanks to Mat and Randall at Appfire Technologies for sharing their story with us and, since the case study, on becoming an Atlassian Partner!

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