This is the first in a series of blog posts highlighting our favourite features available when you integrate Jira Studio with your Google Apps domain.

Single sign-on

Google Apps features Open ID-based single sign-on authentication for accessing email, calendar, documents – everything shared within your domain. Compared to a ‘traditional’ behind the firewall directory service for authentication and user management, this approach is much easier to setup and manage without sacrificing security.

Accessing Jira Studio from Google Apps

No matter what role you play within your software development organization, chances are you’ll start your day by logging into your email client.
When Jira Studio is added to your Google Apps domain, it can be accessed with one click from the universal navigation bar in GMail, Google Calendar and the rest of your Google Apps. No additional login is required!
Studio+GApps Universal Navigation-1.png

Accessing Jira Studio when not logged into Google Apps

Users can also log into Jira Studio by URL:
Studio Login Screen.png
Clicking on the ‘Log In’ link will automatically bring up your Google Apps domain’s sign in screen:
Google Apps Sign In.png
Once authenticated successfully, the user is redirected to the URL within Jira Studio which they were originally trying to access:
Studio GApps Logged In.png

User management with Jira Studio & Google Apps

Jira Studio supports two types of users:

  • Developers can access issues, wiki, source, reviews and builds.
  • Collaborators can access issues and wiki.

You can define the default access levels for Google Apps domain members in Jira Studio’s administration interface:
Google User Management -
Automatic synchronization can be enabled if you want new members of your Google Apps domain to automatically have their Jira Studio accounts set up.

Manual user management

If you want to grant collaborator or developer access to an additional user, it’s easy to do via the Bulk edit access level screen:
Jira Studio + GApps - Bulk Edit Access Level-1.png

Want to learn more about Jira Studio + Google Apps?

Check out the following video (20 minutes including Q&A) or visit our website.

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