Recently, you may have noticed some intermittent problems with, Atlassian’s public maven server.  This server provides all the Java libraries and resources needed by developers to create add-ons and build the source distributions for Atlassian products. The intermittent problems on the server resulted in several instances of unscheduled downtime and may have prevented some developers from using our Plugin SDK successfully. This post is to let you know what we have discovered from our investigation of the problem and the steps that are being taken to improve the reliability of the service.

What happened?

In consultation with the vendors of our maven server application (Sonatype Nexus), the root problem was discovered in the hosting of Atlassian’s “maven 1” repository ( The translation of artifacts from our standard maven 2 format into the maven 1 format causes a memory leak that results in cataleptic garbage collection on the server and increased disk consumption.

What are we doing about it?

Because all Atlassian products (and the Plugin SDK) are now built with Maven 2 or higher, the maven 1 repository is considered a legacy resource. Until we are able to upgrade to a new version of Nexus that alleviates this issue, we are planning to shutdown the legacy maven 1 repository and its alias, While this will be an inconvenience for some developers who rely on this service, we feel that this is an important step in order to ensure the server’s up-time for the majority of developers who depend only on the non-legacy repositories.

Are you affected?

You will be affected by this shutdown if you attempt to build the source distribution for any older version of an Atlassian product that is built using Maven 1. This includes Jira 4.2 and earlier. Normally, we support source distributions up to the End of Life period for the specific product version. Jira 4.2 is not due for End of Life until February 2013, but due to these exception circumstances we need to provide developers with an offline alternative for this version.

If you are affected by this shutdown, please email, explaining your situation, so that we can provide an alternative means for you to continue building affected product versions from their source distributions.

Shutting down Maven 1 repositories on maven.atlass...