ShipIt – The Trailer

ShipIt 17 – The Winners

1st Place: Video Support for Bonfire

Ian Grunert and Gilmore Davidson took out first place in ShipIt 17 by adding Video Support to Atlassian’s latest product offering, Bonfire. These two relative new Atlassians managed to implement the following in 24 hours:

  • Capturing video of the browser page
  • Capturing the mouse position data and displaying the mouse cursor on the video
  • Capturing the mouse click data and displaying expanding circles when the user clicked on the page
  • Sexy looking button in the UI which matches the “Attach Screenshot” button
  • Reduce the size of the POST from 30MB / 5 seconds of video to <1MB / 5 seconds of video through not sending duplicate frames

Take a look for yourself:

This very cool new feature will hopefully be appearing in a Bonfire near you soon! You can show your love by voting on BON-45 already 😉

2nd Place – Fisheye Release Report

You are ready to do a release, and you’d love to know the state of the code you are about to push compared to the code you previously released. Matt Watson, Geoff Crain, Jason Hinch and Seb Ruiz from the Fisheye team implemented the Fisheye Release Report to help you out. From a single page within Fisheye you can compare the new release you are about to make with any other previous release. This shows you:

  • All commits to be released
  • Summary of Jiras, derived from the commits
  • Summary of reviews for each Jira and Commit
  • Summary of Builds against commits
  • Traffic Light indicators for overall release status

Release Report.png

Other Finalists

With nearly 30 different projects competing for a spot in the ShipIt Finals, getting a finals spot is quite an achievement in itself! The other finalists were:

  • Nick Menere for adding Quick Edit screens to Jira
  • Chris Kiehl, David Loeng & Craig Petchell for scratching their itch using their very own Confluence ScratchPad to make taking notes in Confluence very fast and light-weight
  • Ryan Ackley, Jake Causby and Ross Chaldecott for adding keynote-grade image filters to images in Confluence
  • Mark Lassau & Tim Pettersen for Federated Issue Linking in Jira and a DOOM SpeakEasy plugin

The Customer Kick-Ass Award

We were lucky enough to have four guest customer judges attend this ShipIt. They awarded Nick Menere the Customer Kick-Ass Award for his Jira Quick Edit screen. The Quick Edit Screen allows users to define a subset of fields they wish to edit, removing all other fields from view, letting the user focus on only those they care about. Nick managed to commit all this to trunk with only minutes to spare before the ShipIt gong chimed.


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