Sometimes you just want to quickly comment on an issue or check its status and you don’t want to open a browser window, browse to the issue, enter the text, click submit, etc…
Thus, the chat interface to Jira was born.
My ShipIt project was to create a plugin that would allow Jira to listen via XMPP based Chat for different commands.
The command structure was:
<command> [OPTIONAL ISSUE KEY] body
The commands, with a bit more tweeking are meant to be plugable, at the moment they are about an hour away from that goal.
The optional issue key will put an issue into your context and the body is what is passed to the command handler.
If you put an issue key into your context you can then leave that portion out of future commands and have the command run in the context of the issue.
For example:
login [TST-1] detkin,detkin
will put the issue TST-1 into your context and login detkin.
This could then be followed by a comment command:
comment this is a test
which would comment on TST-1 with “this is a test”
I was able to implement 3 commands:
1. login – which lets you login to Jira and keeps you authenticated for a configurable period of time
2. status – which tells you your current sessions status, if you are logged in and if any issues are in your context
3. comment – which allows you to comment on an issue.
I also created a webwork plugin that slotted into the admin section so that you could configure the chat server:
The plugin could use some cleanup and it would be great to have edit, summary, and log work commands. This could be done in about a day.

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