Now that Confluence 4.2 is in the hands of our customers, I would like to report back on what was an awesome ShipIt.

In late February we celebrated ShipIt 19. We decided to do something a little different. We took the original ShipIt formula and gave it a twist UX pizaz. Participants were encouraged to take existing features in Atlassian products and make them more user friendly. Inspiration came from our support teams, design teams and of course, highly voted upon Jira issues in

In a ShipIt that was first of its kind, it was only fitting that it finished with another first: First founder to win ShipIt.

Scott Farquhar, Nick Menere, Mike Sharp, Ross Chaldecott and Andreas Knecht (AKA the Jira all-stars; pictured below from right to left)  received the most amount of votes for their Jira Viewports delivery which allows anonymous users to interact with a subset of fields and workflow transitions. Well done.

They were closely followed by Wesley Walser who showed that the power of one can overcome five (Jira all-stars) by delivering Confluence Page Layouts 2.0 (Page Layouts 1.0 was just delivered in Confluence 4.2).

Ryan Ackley, Jason Berry, Jonathan Gilbert, Steve Haffenden, Chris Kiehl, Stefan Saasen and Henry Tapia (AKA Team Next) with a leaner, more responsive Confluence. Peter Haig and his colleagues from Tyro paid us a visit and awarded Team Next the Customer Kickass prize.

The Product Manager prize went to Anna Katrina Dominguez, Don Willis, Sam Tardiff, Steve Lancashire and Brian Nguyen by delivering some much needed improvements to Confluence drafts.

The Performance prize went to Michael Rose whose pimped OSGi bundles make for a more efficient startup of our products

Our other awesome finalists included:

The Atlassian PM  all-stars (i.e. Atlassian PMs. All of them) with Timelines for Confluence

Jurgen Spangl and Jake Causby with a redesigned cross-product Information Architecture

David Tang and Edith Tom with Confluence People Directory 2.0

Jonathan Poh and Valter Fatia with Responsive Design in Stash

Matt Ryall with bigger Confluence avatars

Shihab Hamid with Confluence Networker

So that was ShipIt 19.

We had a brand new theme.

We had a founder as part of the winning team for the first time in ShipIt’s history.

We had finalists made up of solo efforts, teams as big as 7 ShipIt-ers, and a duet of grads.

We also had a record number of finalists because of ties in the preliminaries (such was the awesomeness of the projects).

Stay tuned for ShipIt 20.

ShipIt 19 Winners and Finalists...