While we think all our ShipIt Dayers are winners, the finalists in the 18th edition of ShipIt were more winners than others.

1st Place

Don Willis, Ryan Ackley, Wesley Walser, Chris Mountford and Alex Wei carried home the glory with the aptly named Awesome Paste for Confluence. In their entry, they implemented an editor plugin to transform a pasted URL into a neater format. In fact, we liked it so much we included in Confluence and called it Autoconvert.

The winners of ShipIt 18
From left: Chris Mountford, Don Willis, Ryan Ackley, Alex Wei and Wesley Walser

Other finalists

  • Chris LePetit and Robert Smart for introducing Apple Push Notifications to Jira Mobile Connect
  • Tim Moore for JQL Workflow Conditions
  • Matthew Erickson, Luis Miranda and Martin Jopson for the Improved “Recently Viewed” menu for Confluence
  • Joe Clark for the Minecraft Jira plugin
  • Samantha Thebridge, Shihab Hamid and James Hatherly for the ultra portable Mobile Blackops
  • Stefan Saasen, Anatoli Kazatchkov, Craig Petchell, Steve Haffenden, Henry Tapia and Jonathan Gilbert for allowing Jira to host git repositories.

Customer Kick-Ass Award

For this ShipIt, Simon and Miriam from nineMSN joined us for our presentations. They awarded the Customer Kick-Ass Award to Samantha Thebridge, Shihab Hamid and James Hatherly for Mobile Blackops. This is a mobile app that allows a busy user to easily keep up-to-date on the activity from multiple Atlassian instances all in one place.

ShipIt 18 Customer Kick-Ass Award Winners
From left: Simon (nineMSN), James Hatherly, Shihab Hamid, Samantha Thebridge and Miriam (nineMSN)

ShipIt 18 – The Winners...