The newest Hipchat integration has arrived: Jira Service Desk. No longer will you have to copy/paste support tickets into emails, chatrooms, and various communication tools. This is the end of email-based teamwork (goodbye, ‘reply-all’).

At Atlassian, we aim to unleash the power of teamwork — that’s why this new integration lets you go from ticket to chatroom in one click, and loop in your team for help.

Critical updates should not be missed. The integration also alerts you of any important tickets, like your CEO’s password reset, straight from inside your Hipchat feed.

With the Jira Service Desk and Hipchat integration, you’ll be able to:

  • Discuss instantly: Create Hipchat rooms from service desk tickets with one click, so your team can collaborate on issues.
  • Get notified of critical updates as they happen: Monitor your service desk from inside your Hipchat rooms.
  • Never lose track of the conversation: See all the chatrooms a ticket is mentioned in from within Jira Service Desk.

“Flow” more easily – here’s to collaboration without barriers

Two heads are better than one. Three heads are better than two, and so on… When you need your team’s expertise, getting everyone in the same room is burdened with inefficiencies. Passing tickets from agent to agent means being held hostage by individual schedules and lots of time wasted waiting for answers.

Reach your team faster by creating a Hipchat room straight from a Jira Service Desk ticket. This one-click flow makes it easy for service desk agents to collaborate on severe tickets or bring in subject matter experts in real-time.


Hipchat and Jira Service Desk Integration - Create Room


Monitor your service desk in real-time

Hipchat and Jira Service Desk Integration - Notifications
IT teams depend on real-time updates to keep the business running. Are you the first to know when high-priority tickets are submitted? What about when your CEO has a critical request? Should password resets get done right away?

With Hipchat and Jira Service Desk, keep the entire team updated on important customer tickets. You can set up automatic Jira Service Desk notifications in Hipchat. For example, whenever a high priority ticket is created, a Hipchat room can be alerted. Customizable filters allow you to control how little or how much you want to see.

You’re no longer chained to the desk, Hipchat lets you stay connected when you’re on the go.




Andy Fleming, Managing Director of Halogenics, says, “As a small company, there are times when we’re out and about. Being able to get service desk notifications on mobile through Hipchat is critical for providing fast service for our customers.”

Never lose ticket history

In the support world, FOMO (fear of missing out) does exist. Don’t miss out on a conversation. This integration keeps track of all Hipchat rooms chatting about your ticket, so that you never lose context.

Hipchat and Jira Service Desk Integration - Mentions

Ready to set it up?

Add Hipchat’s team communication to Jira Service Desk’s powerful ticketing. With just three clicks, you’re ready to start solving problems at the speed of chat.

Integrate now

Wait, what’s Jira Service Desk? Jira Service Desk is simplified request management, built on Jira. It’s available for a free trial, Cloud or Server. Pricing starts at just $10 for three agents.

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