Since we launched the Confluence SharePoint Connector just over a
year ago, we’ve gotten tremendous uptake from our customers. Hundreds
of customers have found SharePoint’s more structured
document-management capabilities to be a great complement to
Confluence’s free-form wiki collaboration capabilities. The SharePoint
Connector creates a far more powerful SharePoint wiki by letting you:

  • Embed SharePoint lists into your Confluence page through the {sp-list} macro
  • Embed Confluence pages into your SharePoint site using the out-of-the-box Confluence web parts
  • Perform secure, federated search between the two platforms
  • Maintain single-sign-on and common user management between the two

So it’s
with great pleasure that we announce our latest release, the Confluence
SharePoint Connector 1.1. This release has many performance and
configuration improvements that will make your integration between
Confluence and SharePoint even better. Altogether, we’ve resolved 30
outstanding issues across a number of areas. To see a complete list of
improvements, see our Confluence SharePoint Connector 1.1 release notes. In the mean time, here’s a summary of what we’ve improved:

Enhanced Federated Search

The previous implementation of search relied on SharePoint indexing
Confluence’s cached search index. The new implementation of federated
search performs a live search against Confluence’s content making
federated search faster and more accurate for end users. Plus it’s
easier for administrators to set up in the first place making a better
experience for everyone. 


Alternative SharePoint URL

In the previous version of the SharePoint Connector, Confluence
accessed SharePoint through the same URL as every SharePoint user. In
SPC 1.1, Confluence can connect to SharePoint through its own URL, such
as a URL that is only available from behind a firewall or VPN. This can
drastically improve performance and also resolves problems where the
SharePoint installation uses an authentication protocol not supported
by Confluence, such as NTLMv2 or Kerberos.

Curious to Learn More?

You can read more in our release notes, download the Confluence SharePoint Connector from our website and follow the installation guide.

learn more about all the features available in the SharePoint Connector, check out our website at or watch the video below:

Announcing SharePoint Connector 1.1 – a Wiki...