The latest release of the Confluence SharePoint Connector is loaded with new features that help make the static content you store in SharePoint easier to embed within the dynamic content you create and share in Confluence.

Access Content in SharePoint From Confluence, Fast

Confluence 4.0 delivered a new intuitive editing interface that lets users create rich content with extraordinary speed and simplicity. Combine the content storage benefits of SharePoint with the new content collaboration power of Confluence and you’ve solved your team’s collaboration struggles.

From speaking to our customers over the years we’ve learnt that SharePoint is often used to store legacy documents. There are times when you need to make these documents accessible in Confluence where everyone is collaborating around projects and getting their work done. We’ve made it even faster for the users that live in Confluence to embed custom SharePoint Lists and link to SharePoint documents in Confluence pages with Macro Autocomplete.

It’s also easy to jump over to SharePoint from the lists embedded in Confluence pages with a new View in SharePoint link accessible from the macro property panel.

Lastly, we’ve made the integration that the SharePoint Connector provides more discoverable to Confluence users by including the SharePoint Document Link and List macros in the editor’s Insert Menu.

Find SharePoint Macros in the Insert Menu

Faster Linking to SharePoint Content

Let’s face it, collaborating around the content in SharePoint is a burden. However, pulling content stored in SharePoint into Confluence will not only save you time, but your mental health too!

Improved SharePoint Document Link Macro

Effortlessly create links to your SharePoint server’s Office documents while editing Confluence pages. Links inserted using the SharePoint Link macro let users open and edit SharePoint documents directly in the appropriate Office application, such as Excel or Word, without having to load the SharePoint site.

SharePoint Document Link Dialog

SharePoint List Macro

If you’ve got a group of related documents – like collateral for an upcoming product launch – that are stored in SharePoint, the the SharePoint List macro makes it easy to share those documents with other stakeholders that get their work done in Confluence. The macro can display most SharePoint list types and document liabraries giving you the ability to access and collaborate around all of your SharePoint documents in Confluence.

SharePoint List Macro

Watch Confluence Content from SharePoint

If you’re viewing a Confluence page or blog post within a SharePoint site you can now choose to Watch it to receive email notifications whenever changes are made.

Up-to-date Content, All the Time

Even better, if someone edits the Confluence page or blog post while you are viewing it, the Confluence Web Part in SharePoint will automatically refresh so you’re guaranteed to be viewing the most current version. Keeping up-to-date with the dymanic content that lives in Confluence just got easier.

Available Today!

There are even more improvements in the SharePoint Connector 1.5. Go get it, try it out, and let us know what you think.

SharePoint Connector 1.5 Released: Includes Support for Confluence 4