This is a guest blog post by Gareth Wilson from Adaptavist, an Atlassian Platinum Expert. Adaptavist provide services and best practice that help ensure customers’ success with Jira, Confluence, and Dev Tools.

Introducing SSLPost for Confluence

The new SSLPost Document Encryption add-on for Confluence enables you to securely send Confluence pages and attachments to colleagues, customers and suppliers.

This content can be anything that you consider sensitive – from personal information to commercial project plans, proposals and financial information. It’s for everybody, but it solves a common problem for those working in FSA regulated businesses such as IFAs, HR and Payroll, the Public Sector and Legal Practices.

Having your content encrypted means that any third party cannot access it and user authentication ensures that only the right person can receive and open any documents. It’s cheaper than post and more efficient than email, there’s no copying and pasting of your content, just share the page with SSLPost similar to how you would any other Confluence page.

How does SSLPost work?

The SSLPost Document Encryption plugin enables you to encrypt a Confluence page and/or any attachments and then send them securely to any recipient. The plugin appears in the Tools menu of  a Confluence page, so there’s no need to interrupt your workflow. Sending the document is as easy as choosing the recipient, its format – HTML, PDF or Work – and then hitting the share button. It’s just like sharing a Confluence page, except that you can rest assured that the content is safe and secure.

Best yet, it’s easy for recipients too – all they have to do is open your message, enter a password and go straight to the content. There’s no need for them to install third party software like with other encryption solutions.

What’s more, this add-on has been developed in partnership with Adaptavist, an Atlassian Platinum Expert who have over six years experience creating award-winning plugins for Atlassian software.

Watch SSLPost in Action

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