Sorry, the blog title is misleading… nothing too shameful about this. Jeremey had worked at Atlassian not too long ago and he’s borrowed some of the development practices at Atlassian for his current project: Connoisseur, an app that makes “managing your recipes as easy as iTunes makes managing your music.” From his blog entry, Anatomy of a Connoisseur release:

I find that putting reported bugs into Jira useful, as you then have a paper trail and details of the issue. When it’s time to work on the bug, I write it on the card (with the issue number).
Enhancements and features are a bit different, though. I’ve found (in my experience at Atlassian and TLAF) that it’s better to put the high-level feature (“Add support for x format recipes”) in the issue-tracker, but break that nebuluous and ambigious task into a number of smaller tasks. (e.g. “Write parser for x format ingredients”, “Write parser for x format directions”) It makes the features much less daunting!
I’d be interested to see ways other people approach software releases!

Read his complete blog entry here.

Shamelessly Ripped from the Crew at Atlassian...