We’re going to be attending JavaPolis again this year. Mike will be giving some talks about our products with regards to continuous integration and code review. We’re also going to staff a booth to demo all our products.
Javapolis, in Antwerp every December, is the largest gathering of Java developers outside of JavaOne. Last year, there were about 2,800 attendees. 2007 Registration is open and the cost of attendance is an absolute bargain compared with just about every other conference out there. The website itself is actually a wiki (Confluence) as is the sister site, Parleys, a BeJUG initiative of archived talks from JavaPolis, BeJUG, SpringOne, JaZoon, JavaZone and EclipseCon.
If you haven’t seen it yet, the theme of this year’s show is Java meets Star Wars:

Jah-va (aka the Hashcode Specialist), Javva the Hut (aka the Java Garbage collector) and Duke (aka Captain) will fight for the strings in the cartoon: HashCode(Wars) – Return of the Strings

If you’re interested in meeting some of the Atlassian folk, please stop by the booth or check the JavaPolis meetup page, we’ll probably organise a meet up again this year.

See You at JavaPolis...