Stash has always been the fastest and most secure Git repository management tool available, and now, it’s also the most scalable. Announcing the release of Stash Data Center (available today in beta)! With clustering built-in, the Data Center deployment option for Stash is designed for massive scale to meet enterprise needs.

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High availability

Stash Data Center provides active-active clustering to ensure users have access to their Git repositories at all times. With load balancing and redundancy mechanisms, Data Center reduces the risk of unexpected system downtime due to hardware failures. Combined with industry standard technologies for database clustering and shared file systems, Stash eliminates single points of failure. Setting up clustering is a straight-forward part of the initial set-up process of Stash Data Center, so teams get up and running in no time. In addition, you can scale usage by adding or taking down nodes with no downtime, so you won’t disrupt your development teams or build processes.

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Performance at scale

As an organization rolls out Git-based solutions to more and more teams, the volume of traffic from developers and build servers can increase rapidly, putting pressure on resources. Stash Data Center can handle greater application throughput during periods of sustained or peak demand, so additional users and builds will not affect overall application performance. Because Data Center is licensed per user and not per server or CPU like other solutions, your costs remain predictable as you grow.

Is your company’s dependence on Git growing? Fire up an additional node. Getting hammered by your continuous integration server? Add nodes to support extra builds. Customize your system to your needs so the team gets the best quality and experience without added software costs. The instant scalability means never worrying about performance regardless of size.


Best of breed security & workflows

Stash Data Center is the only Git solution that provides true enterprise-grade security and collaborative workflowsAs an on-premise solution, your repositories are always protected by the safety of your firewall. Stash also has a unique, four-tiered approach to security, with customizable permissions at the global, project, repository, and branch level. This provides the flexibility and security needed for the diverse range of workflows used in enterprise contexts. When coupled with the ability to connect with your LDAP system, Data Center is the perfect fit for any enterprise environment.

As with Stash, Data Center still provides each team with the option to work with any (or multiple) workflows. It provides best practices for branch-based workflows and pull requests, while remaining flexible for your team’s specific needs. Push-button branching and optional pull request enforcements available in Stash Data Center help cater to every team’s Git workflow needs.


Starting today, a beta version of Stash Data Center is available for trial purposes. Once released, Stash Data Center can be purchased with Atlassian premier level customer support, technical account management, or authorized enterprise partners. It will offer the same great value pricing as Jira Data Center and Confluence Data Center – priced at $24,000 per year, per 1,000 users. To sign up for the Stash Data Center beta or for more information, visit

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Scaling Git with Stash Data Center