Have you been in the following situation?
You wonder what to do on the weekend, then it hits you… lets go and watch “Snakes on a Plane” with a few mates on Friday night. You send an email to 8 friends and within an hour you received 20 mails. Some people are coming, some are not, some will bring friends, some want to bring a couple rattlesnakes along and you’ll have to start counting to organize the booking. I wish I could just point them to a page where they could click a button if they wanna come along.
Hold on… that sounds like something a Confluence plugin could easily do. So I started writing one for our San Francisco Atlassian outing to Alcatraz. Very simple, only for registered users and a one button click to subscribe. I spend a few ours the last weekend to pick up that idea and make it a little bit more useful.
Now version 1.0 is ready for prime time. Take a look at the documentation, the plugin screenshots, and download it and give it a try.
Anyone up for Snakes on a Plane?

RSVP Plugin