Ross just put up a great post about why he’s coming to AtlasCamp and why you should too.
As Ross says:

AtlasCamp isn’t a boring junket where you sit through endless PowerPoint presentations, it’s fast paced and hands on with lots of coding and technical sessions.
I was fortunate enough to attend last year’s AtlasCamp, and I found it to be a fantastic experience. It was enlightening to hear from some of the top plugin developers in person about their thoughts and ideas for how they can make Atlassian’s already great products even better.

AtlasCamp is the best place to learn about the newest technologies percolating through the Atlassian ecosystem. We don’t sit still, and there are a ton of new tools for you to use in extending and enhancing your Atlassian products. Ross agrees:

One of the main reasons that I’ve been developing plugins over the last couple of years is that it allows me to explore technology sets that otherwise I might not get to play with. Being able to run ideas past both Atlassian and other plugin developers is a great way for me to get valuable advice and feedback. Personally, I’m really looking forward to hearing about how I can develop plugins using Gadgets! Plus I’ll get to hear how I did in this year’s Codegeist competition.
I found the event to be a great way to talk to the other Atlassians/plugin developers in person. A lot of the communication I’ve had with people has been over email or IM, and it’s always nice to talk face to face! There was a great sense of camaraderie from everyone there, and I’m really looking forward to seeing both old and new faces and hopefully learning a thing or two!

AtlasCamp starts on October 21st in beautiful Half Moon Bay, CA. It’s $200 registration for the conference, but it’s an experience worth many times that. There will be over 20 Atlassian developers there (including Mike and Scott, Atlassian’s co-founders), and we’re all excited to hang out with you and listen your feedback. So sign up today!

Ross Rowe on why you should come to AtlasCamp