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Can’t get enough of the Confluence 4.0 EAP releases? Good! We’re proud to announce our third public EAP build for Confluence 4.0. On top of a brand new guided installer, the latest release delivers new image management features and a number of awesome improvements.

1. Resize and Link Images

With most online editors, working with images can be a drag. It always seems that you’re never equipped with enough tools or enough power to do anything meaningful with images. Either you’re calculating an image’s proportions in your head or constantly opening and closing a dialog just to minimally adjust your image. Fear not! This release adds even more power beyond pasting images into the editor, you might even consider the experience, magic.

New Default Image Sizes

If you ever thought that there’s not much difference between the pre-set image sizes in the Image Properties Panel, you’re probably right. Consider these dimensions officially tweaked and definitely useful, so you can choose from a wider range of options. Small remains the same size at 100px wide, medium has increased slightly to 300px, and large is now 500px.

Resize Image.png

Custom Image Sizes

If you don’t like the pre-set image sizes you can now specify an exact image width from within the Image Properties Panel. Confluence will dynamically change the height so everything’s in proportion, and your image remains crystal clear.

Customize Size Image.png

Turn Images into Links

Now you can turn images into links. This is especially handy for turning images into a button (Previously, this was only available in wiki markup). Accessible from the Image Properties Panel, you can link images, fast.

Link Image.png

2. Introducing the New Guided Installer for Confluence

System Administrators, rejoice! Windows (.exe) and Linux (.bin) guided installers are now available for Confluence, making installing and upgrading Confluence simple, intuitive, and fast.

Here are the headlining sub-features:

  • Guided installer: The guided install wizard has been implemented for Confluence 4.0 on both Windows and Linux operating systems. Installing a new instance is a breeze.
  • Windows UAC support: You will be prompted for elevated privileges in order to permit the full array of install options.
  • New instance vs Upgrade selection: You can choose to install a new instance or upgrade an existing instance (the upgrade capability will be available in a subsequent release)
  • Install Home directory selection: Default folders are provided depending on the user being an admin/root or standard user (based on respective OS write permissions)
  • Port selection: The ports in Confluence have changed! Take note: The default running port is now8090 with the control port at 8009
  • Install as a service: Assuming you have elevated privileges, you have the option on both Windows and Linux to install Confluence as a service. This is practical for production instances.
  • Evaluation license generation: As a recap we added a simplified workflow in Confluence 3.5 to assist in generating licenses for evaluators.

Read about all of the details and watch a video of the guided installer here.

We Welcome Your Feedback

To make it easy for you to provide EAP feedback we’ve created a simple “Got Feedback” button in the Confluence navigation bar. Let the Confluence team know what you think of the EAP by providing feedback!

Confluence 4.0 EAP Feedback


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