Thanks to some incredibly slick work by David Simpson, you can now get your Google Analytics reports about your Confluence instance in your Confluence pages.
As David puts it, his Google Analytics plugin for Confluence displays reports for a particular space – from within that space. You can view the following reports and change their date range from a Confluence page:

  • Top Content
  • Depth of Visit
  • Internal Search
  • Browser and OS
  • Browser Version
  • Screen Resolution
  • Network
  • City
  • All Traffic Sources
  • Search Engine Keywords

Where can I have a play with it?
I’ve installed it on the Confluence Sandbox for you to test out. To report on activity for any of the spaces in the sandbox, just create a page in the space and enter {google-analytics} on the page. It’s that simple. The screenshot below shows the activity in the Anything Goes space on the sandbox.
But, I don’t use Google Analytics…
Google Analytics is free and you can get it set up to with your Confluence instance by following David’s great guides.
Google Analytics is not the only option you have for reporting on Confluence activity. Check out what else is available, especially Adaptavist’s Statistical Analysis Plugin.

Report Confluence Activity Using Google Analytics in the Wiki