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This is a guest post by Emil Sjödin, CTO of RefinedWiki, one of Atlassian’s official partners. This post highlights the new features shipped in the latest release of RefinedWiki Mobile Interface, a Confluence plugin that extends the capabilities of Confluence Mobile on your favorite smartphone and iPad.


Work has become a lifestyle. It’s no longer confined to a desk in your office. Instead, staying connected with your team and your content at all times is mission-critical. The recent release of Confluence 4.3 takes team collaboration to the next level by making Confluence – your content and coworkers – available anywhere with Confluence Mobile. Contributing to important conversations, staying on task, and reaching decisions is as fast as picking up your phone.

The latest release of the RefinedWiki Mobile Interface adds to its plethora of features, including the ability to customize its look and feel, by extending Confluence Mobile and speeding up the way you navigate Confluence from your favorite mobile device, making it easier to browse and discover the content you need to know about.

Atlassian Confluence - RefinedWiki Mobile Interface - Atlassian Marketplace

Improved Navigation: Browse and Discover Content

The new mobile interface provides a new navigation tree that can be accessed from any page. It automatically selects your current location in the content hierarchy, and selectively shows the parent layer, sibling layer and child layer from where you stand.

Atlassian Confluence - RefinedWiki Mobile Interface - Atlassian Marketplace

If you navigate up or down the hierarchy, you’ll see the three relevant layers pages of your new location. Regardless of how large your Spaces content tree is, the new mobile interface is scaled to handle it all. If you are using RefinedWiki Original Theme, categories are fully integrated in the navigation tree.

Find Anything with Powerful, Quick Search

When accessing content from your phone, there’s usually no time to dilly-dally. Accessible from any page in Confluence, just start typing and Confluence will provide matching results. Finding what you need on the go could not be any easier.

Atlassian Confluence - RefinedWiki Mobile Interface - Atlassian Marketplace

You can also use it is as a traditional search bar which includes a filter feature allowing you to filter on content types, authors and spaces.

Access Important Notifications On the Go

The latest release of Confluence is equipped with WorkBox, a re-imagined notification and activity system that tracks your most important work, available from anywhere within Confluence. The new RefinedWiki Mobile Interface leverages this functionality so you can view and respond to your notifications directly from your mobile device.

Atlassian Confluence - RefinedWiki Mobile Interface - Atlassian Marketplace

Reply to, Like, or add notifications as tasks to tackle them later. You can even manage your tasks or create new ones.

Browse Activity from the Confluence Dashboard

Browsing content on the Confluence Dashboard from your mobile device could not be easier. Keep updated on the content your team or organization deems most popular using the new Popular content activity feed. If it’s popular, it’s likely important too.

Atlassian Confluence - RefinedWiki Mobile Interface - Atlassian Marketplace


Try it out!

Try out a live version of the new Mobile Interface by pointing your mobile browser to or download it from the Atlassian Marketplace.

To learn more about the release, read the release notes.

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