If you haven’t noticed, we’re extremely excited about this year’s AtlasCamp. “Why”, you ask? Well, let me count the ways: onetwo, and now three…

Personally, the biggest reason I think this year’s AtlasCamp will be our best yet is because of the speakers and content we’ve been assembling. For the past few months, we’ve been carefully curating a list of top-notch Atlassians who have done some amazing things with our products. They’re going to share new protips and ways to tweak your products and plugins to get the most out of them. Here’s a sampling of some of the top-flight speakers you’ll get to hear from:

How to teach an old dog new tricks!
Andreas Knecht / @knecht_andreas

Learn how the Jira developers – a team with mostly backend expertise – figured out how to write full client-side applications through the use of backbone, brace, qunit and REST! This talk will not only show you some techniques for writing client-side apps in Atlassian plugins, but how the increase in devspeed will make all your developers fall in love with developing complex Javascript applications.

Layout and Interaction Design for Plugin Developers
Samantha Thebridge / @samthebridge

You want to build a sexy plugin (or polish an existing one) but you don’t have access to a designer. What can you do to stop your plugin turning Atlassian apps into “franken-apps”?Design follows some very fundamental principles and guidelines. Once you know what these principles are you’ll be able to dissect an existing interface, understand why it does or does not work, and apply those principles to your own plugin so it fits seamlessly into your Atlassian product.

Tour de Stash
Tim Pettersen / @kannonboy

Come and learn all about building plugins for Atlassian’s shiny new product: Stash!Large amounts of Stash’s functionality (including our SSH and HTTP hosting, our Jira integration and the entire REST API) comes entirely from bundled plugins. This has driven a rich, clearly defined API and SPI and a strong commitment to backwards compatibility. Stash has been built from the ground up with plugins and plugin developers in mind.In this talk we’ll inspire you with a broad look at what’s available in the Stash API and SPI, as well as a peek at our low-level SCM API which provides a clean way to interface directly with your repositories using Git.

During the talk we’ll be using lots of code examples and implementing a small plugin that shows off different facets of Stash’s API, SPI and SCM API.

Atlassian Plugins Next
Don Brown / @mrdonbrown

Always a favorite, the yearly presentation from our friendly neighborhood Architect, Don Brown. He will show us a glimpse into the future of the next release of the Atlassian Plugin framework.

We’re also making a few large announcements that developers will love — like the next evolution of our plugin framework and SDK.

It’s not too late to register for the best Atlassian event this year. Do it now!

Reasons to go to AtlasCamp 2012, Part 3...