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Last week we announced our fifth installment of Atlassian’s plugin coding competition, Codegeist. And since then we’ve already had a few awesome submissions that I wanted to highlight quickly.

$30k in Cash Prizes and New Technology

But first, for those of you that may have missed our announcement, this year we’re upping the ante by giving away the best prizes yet, including the biggest single cash prize ever: $15,000 for the grand prize winner! We’ve lined up a total of $30,000 in cash, along with more prizes we’ll announce in a few weeks.

We’ve also introduced two new developer previews, Speakeasy Extensions and ActiveObjects. Speakeasy is a new super easy way to extend Atlassian products. Extensions are built entirely client-side, in HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc., and they’re enabled on a per-user basis. ActiveObjects is an ORM that ultimately makes plugin data access and storage significantly faster and more efficient. Each of these new technologies have an associated prize category.

Jira Project Role Tab

The first submission I’ll highlight is a simple plugin that introduces a project role tab to a Jira project, giving Jira users a single screen to see who’s part of a project and what their role is. This plugin was built by Holger Schimanski.


Sticky Notes in Confluence

The next submission is a rich plugin that adds sticky notes to Confluence, with all sorts of control on display options, privacy, and lots more. This plugin was built by Janusz Gorycki.

Confluence Dashboards

The final submission we’ll look at today is a plugin that creates powerful, customizable dashboards in Confluence. This plugin is brought to you by Gareth Wilson.

Start Hacking

We’ll continue to go through some of the cool submissions as they come in, so stay tuned. And get hackin’! The sooner your submission comes in, the more time you’ll have to get community votes and the more likely you’ll be to be featured in our highlight blogs. has everything you need to learn more and get started. Shot us a comment if you have more questions, and great work, Gareth, Janusz, and Holger!

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