This has got to be the most unique gift I’ve gotten from someone I worked with… maybe the most unique gift ever?! Kathy G. was a customer of Atlassian’s when she worked at a large company in Virginia. She was laid off last year along with many other employees as their company relocates their operations overseas. So, she skipped town and came to San Francisco to visit her daughter and grandchildren. She sent us an email saying that she would like to work with us. She’s a technical writer, and I needed someone to review some content I’m developing.
Long story short, she worked in our office for about 3 weeks and sent these colorful gifts our way. Each one is labeled Bug Tracked by Jira one one side and No Worries, Mate or www.atlassian.com on the other.



Thanks, Kathy!

Psychedellic Bugs Tracked by Jira...