Six months ago we gave you Confluence Blueprints – ready-made solutions to common business problems in the workplace. It started with blueprints for meeting notes, product requirements, and file lists. Then, we added blueprints for decisions and shared links, as well as how-to and troubleshooting articles for teams using Confluence as a knowledge base.

Having lots of choices is great, but depending on how you use Confluence you don’t need to see them all every time you open the create dialog. Now, space admins can ‘promote’ specific blueprints and page templates in the create dialog. This is really useful when you want to provide context to your users about how to use a specific space. For example, by default Confluence ‘promotes’ the new How-to and Troubleshooting article blueprints in Knowledge Base spaces (available in Confluence 5.3 and above).

How do you promote blueprints and page templates?

You can manage your space’s page templates and blueprints from the Content Tools option under Space Tools in the space sidebar.

image2013-10-14 18-5-37

Deciding what blueprints and page templates users see when they choose to create content in a specific space is simple.

image2013-10-14 17-4-55

When a user clicks the Create button they will only see the blueprints and page templates that the space admin has promoted for the selected space. To see a complete list of all available blueprints and page templates users just need to click Show more.
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Help your team find the blueprints and page templates they need to get their work done faster. Promote your blueprints and page templates today.

Using OnDemand?

You’ve been auto-upgraded. Log-in and if you’re a Space Admin, promote your space’s blueprints and page templates now.

Using Download?

Confluence 5.3 is available for download now.

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