Wikis are a great tool for managing and communicating the status of a project at a high-level. Not many people know this, our enterprise wiki, Confluence, allows you to create your own user macros. In this post I’ll show you how you can create a handful of simple macros that you can use to communicate the status of a project.
What’s a user macro?
User macros enable you to create a custom macro tag, such as {green}, which transforms data provided between the tags based on the user macro code. You must be a Confluence Administrator to create user macros.
How would I use one?
We use tables on wiki pages in Confluence to communicate the status of projects. One day, our co-founder, Mike Cannon-Brookes, blogged about how lacklustre our old ‘status’ lozenges were.
Within a day, our Confluence Technical Lead, Per Fragemann, went ahead and sexed up our status lozenges by creating some simple user macros.
The new macros are now used across our corporate intranet to visualise the status of projects.
How can I do that?
Check out the short video below and try them out yourself on the Confluence Sandbox!

What user macros have you created? Share them with us!

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