Profields iconThis is a guest post from Guillermo Montoya, CEO of DEISER, an Atlassian Platinum Expert and makers of Profields for Jira.

We’re very excited to launch Profields 2.5 for Jira, our most ambitious add-on yet!

Here’s why: Profields 2.5 adds four great features that are essential to turning Jira into a tool any organization can use for Project Portfolio Management (PPM). We’re convinced these four features can help any team turn Jira into a complete project portfolio management solution.

Project Field Schemes

Profields 1.0 let you create project-level fields. In version 2.0 we let you associate each project with different project fields. In version 2.5 we connect the dots of Jira usability with the introduction of Project Schemes:

Profields Project Schemes

These schemes let you group project-level fields to be shared by specific projects within your Jira instance by giving each scheme a name. Thus, once a scheme is created, you can quickly associate any Jira project with the scheme you think is most appropriate.

This function is crucial to organizing your Jira projects far beyond what simple labels can offer. With schemes you can arrange your projects into categories: schemes for marketing projects, schemes for human resources projects, schemes for software development projects, etc.

History of changes to Project-Level Fields

Just as the History tab in Jira shows a list of all the changes made to an issue, Profields 2.5 adds a new section to the user’s Project Fields tab that, depending on permissions, lets you see a list of all the changes made to the project fields. This list can be displayed by user and by field, along with a default view.

This makes it easier to do audits and satisfy the requirements of most corporate quality standards (ISO, ITIL, Cmmi and their Agile variants):

Profields Project Field History

Cumulative Project Fields

The third great feature added to Profields 2.5 is called “Cumulative Fields”. Large teams need to be able to sum of certain quantities that are annotated or stored at the issue level. Though these can be found, it’s important to find a place where to store them. And the best place is a project-level field:

Cumulative Project Fields

The process is as simple as identifying the issue-level field whose values are to be added. The sum is stored in the “cumulative” project field we’ve created. Costs, hours, estimates… Any number or time stored in Jira can be summed in these fields.

Workflows Based on the Values of Project Fields

This feature is critical for providing a direct link between the values of project-level fields and Jira workflows. In 2.5 we’ve added some possibilities, but there’ll be many more options coming soon:

Profields Workflow Conditions

You can include conditions based on these values to define Jira Workflows:

Profields Workflow Conditions 2

With Profields 2.5, you can condition the execution of Jira workflows based on certain values in the project fields at a given time. You can create issues or not depending on a certain project status, manage time pool projects so as to halt the service, even limit the number of issues that a project can have at any given moment. The possibilities are endless, as you’ll see once we add further improvements.

Jira + Profields 2.5 = Project Portfolio Management

It’s obvious that Project Portfolio Management solutions available in the market go far beyond what you can might get from Profields, but it’s also true that often we invest huge sums of money on solutions that far exceed our actual needs.

With Profields 2.5 you can turn Jira instances into an affordable, flexible model PPM solution. And with the features still to come, it could very well be the perfect tool now to achieve significant ROI. And if Jira is already in use in your organization, it can help you manage all your projects without adding needless complexity, effort and expense.

Profields 2.5 is available now on the Atlassian Marketplace. All Jira users are invited to try it out and get in touch with us so we can get feedback from customers as quickly as possible. We’ve created documentation that is befitting the new Profields 2.5.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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