Confluence 4.1 is just around the corner and we’ve got heaps of new features we can’t wait to show you. In the past we had to wait for a major product release like 4.1 to get new features into your hands. But with the power of our new SaaS platform, we’re now able to bring you new features as they’re ready. That’s why Confluence OnDemand customers may have noticed a new feature, Image Effects, which we rolled out this morning.

Introducing Image Effects for Confluence OnDemand

The old adage, ‘A picture’s worth a thousand words’ couldn’t ring truer for information consumers of the 21st century. I’ll be the first to tell you that I have a short attention span  that requires a gripping photo or two to entice me to turn my brain on and start reading. Image Effects will help kick-start dummies just like me to read your content.

Just click ‘Effects’ in the ‘Image Properties Panel’ to choose from five professional image effects to give your work that extra something. Taped images, polaroids, curl shadows, snapshots, and drop shadows – it’s all possible within the Confluence editor.

Don’t fret, the Confluence editor shows what your beautiful images will look like without having to preview or save your page first. Handling images has never been easier!

Pro Tip: Populate the Comments field in the image’s properties from the Attachments view of the page to add captions to the Instant Camera Image Effect

Don’t have OnDemand? Want Image Effects too?

While OnDemand customers have access to Image Effects right now, it’ll be available to Confluence install customers with the release of Confluence 4.1 next week. So, if you’re running Confluence on your own server, keep your eyes peeled, new features are on the way! Pay close attention to our blog to find out when the latest features are available to you! Soon you’ll be able to create pages as gorgeous as this too.

Atlassian's Mo Bro's, 2011

Photos by Sebr

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