I previously blogged about how I used a personal Kanban board to keep track of issues that could potentially be fixed during bugfix iterations. My bugfix tour of duty is coming to a close with the release of Jira 4.3.4, here’s how the board of issues looked at the end of my final release:














I originally started by using Post-it notes with a handwritten issue key:







These quickly became cumbersome. My handwriting was messy and the issue key just wasn’t enough information when deciding what to fix. I was too lazy to write up the description by hand so I went searching for a solution. I found a Jira plugin called Agile Scrum Cards Print written by Spartez, which generates a PDF of Jira issues that you can then print:











This was pretty cool, but I wanted to print on Post-it notes. I tried an inkjet printer and failed miserably:







A laser printer faired much better:


The plugin required some configuration tweaking to ensure the printed area fell within the Post-it notes. I came up with a template on A4 paper that allowed me to preapply Post-it notes on multiple pages of paper (the use of Super Sticky Post-it notes are a must!). I brought in a Laser printer from home, hooked it up to my work MacPro so I wouldn’t have run to the shared printer with an A4 sheet of Post-it notes.

So I still wasn’t happy. It still took awhile to print them out. I had to go to the issue navigator of jira.atlassian.com, enter JQL of the keys of issues that I wanted printed, select Views, then PDF (Scrum Cards sheet), open the downloaded PDF, print the PDF, remembering to print to my local printer.

I wrote a quick and dirty grails app that runs locally on my machine that allows you to enter issue keys and then sends them off to print at a click of a mouse. Under the covers it creates the JQL, sends the request to the Agile Scrum Cards Print plugin which is installed on jira.atlassian.com, downloads the PDF and sends it to the printer automatically to print. Here it is in action:

I’ve thrown the source code up on bitbucket here if anyone is interested:

Printing Post-it notes of Jira Issues