Confluence 4 was designed to enable constant innovation and improvement. Our amazing partners have been working hard updating their add-ons to take advantage of the power of the new Confluence editor. You’ll find they provide a more natural, richer, and intuitive experience in Confluence 4.

There’s something for everyone

There’s never been a better time to upgrade to Confluence 4.

Formatting and Reporting

Easily enhance the appearance of your wiki, create custom dynamic reports, and number headings any way you want.

Create dynamic reports with the Reporting Plugin

Have you ever wanted live reports of data from inside Confluence or from external sources? Turn Confluence into the central information hub of your team with live data from multiple sources all presented and accessible to your wiki users – even compatible with the Connector for Confluence. CustomWare’s Reporting plugin allows you to create and view reports inside of Confluence from data from internal and external sources.

Number headings, any way you want with the Numbered Headings Plugin

Do you author contracts, requirements, specifications, and technical docs in Confluence? Avisi’s Numbered Headings plugin lets you number headings just the way you want – in any format, starting anywhere. In Confluence 4 there is no need to preview or save the page to see the results, the numbering is live!

Design more readable pages with the Composition Plugin

Do your wiki pages look like a boring journal or trade newspaper? With the Composition plugin you can group and hide away the details inside of Tabs, use Toggle and Cloak to provide overviews and float important content where it needs to be highlighted!

Enhance your pages with the Content Formatting Plugin

Adaptavist’s Content Formatting plugin provides a collection of 25 macros that help you to format content more easily and enhance the appearance of your wiki. You can highlight text, align content, embed text in pre-formatted shapes as well as use HTML-like macros to more accurately layout tables, spans and divs, amongst other things.

Diagramming and Wireframes

Replace Visio – draw flowcharts, UML diagrams, wireframes, and more with drag-and-drop simplicity, right inside Confluence.

Balsamiq Mockups

Product managers, designers, developers, and even clients can now work together in Confluence to quickly iterate over wireframes, before writing code with Balsamiq.


Easily draw diagrams and charts from flowcharts, UML, wireframes to gantt charts, and more, right inside Confluence with Creately. Embed the diagrams in Confluence pages with the interactive diagram viewer which supports hyperlinks, zoom, and more. Comes with access to over 1 million examples and templates from the Creately Community to get you started.


Gliffy improves communication among your teams by allowing you to illustrate your ideas. With a myriad of shapes and built-in templates for flow charts, UML diagrams, wireframes, and more; there’s no end to what you can create. With Gliffy in Confluence 4 you can now create, edit, and preview diagrams right from within the Confluence editor. Editing a diagram is now as natural as editing text in your wiki.  Trusted by Atlassian customers since 2006, Gliffy safely and conveniently stores your data right along with your wiki page. Your sensitive information stays within your network and Gliffy diagrams get backed up by the built in Confluence backup procedures, giving you one less thing to think about.


With LucidChart you can easily create flowcharts, UML diagrams, UI mockups, org charts, and more to visually communicate with others. Take advantage of the latest diagramming technology and simultaneously collaborate with your team in real-time. Create new diagrams or even import Microsoft Visio documents into Confluence!

Content Management

Control access to files, enforce structured content, manage content workflows, talk inside pages, and connect to Google Docs.

Manage content workflows with Ad hoc Workflows

Create and assign tasks as you edit Confluence pages. The latest version of Ad hoc Workflows makes content coordination elegant and natural, for everyone.

Enterprise-grade attachment management with Arsenale Lockpoint

Arsenale Lockpoint gives you controlled check-out (locking) and check-in (unlocking) of Confluence attachments, enabling exclusive editing of Microsoft Office documents, Gliffy diagrams, Balsamiq Mockups and other file types. With Lockpoint’s seamless Confluence integration you get auto-locking and unlocking of Microsoft Office files opened with Edit in Office links, and the ability to lock, edit and unlock Gliffy diagrams without leaving the Confluence 4.  Arsenale Lockpoint also includes advanced document management features like user notifications of file unlocking/availability, admin control over lock durations, and the ability to mount Confluence as a drive and lock files via WebDAV. Lockpoint is free for 10, 25 and 50-user Confluence installations, and available with a free 30-day trial and a commercial license for larger sites.

View, embed, edit, and list documents with the Google Docs Connector

Has your company moved to Gmail and Google Docs, which are quickly taking over your world? Do you prefer working in the wiki, and the other side of your world is there? Well, Google Docs in Confluence brings these worlds together! Work in Confluence, but access, preview, embed, edit, download and even present Google Docs – all from Confluence. Keep it all together – you’ll be glad you did!

Bring structured content to your wiki with the Scaffolding Plugin

Have you ever wanted to collect structured data and forms in your wiki and produce reports from them? Perhaps keeping a list of event attendees or test cases or any other data that you want to collect, sort & filter and then collaborate around using the powerful features of Confluence. Scaffolding has had over 23,000 downloads and is going through a major upgrade for Confluence 4!

Structured content made simple with Scroll Wiki Forms

Haven’t you always wanted to enforce standards in user generated content? Whether it be release notes, documentation, contracts, specifications, or knowledge base articles, Scroll Wiki Forms has you covered. Deep integration with the Confluence 4 editor provides a seamless experience for users entering content into forms on Confluence pages.

Have in-line conversations on pages with Talk

Talk allows you to embed discussions into Confluence pages. Just insert the Talk macro to start a discussion at any point on a page. Co-workers can get involved without entering edit mode. Don’t just comment on pages – Talk them over.

Post personal “sticky” notes on pages with Kwik

Kwik allows posting personal Post-it-like “sticky” notes (a.k.a. kwiks) on Confluence pages. These notes can be private, directed to a specified user, or public. Notes can also annotate text on a Confluence page. You can respond to notes directed to you, to create private conversation.

Branding and Themes

Get custom wiki themes and style Confluence with add-ons for your organization.

Create custom designs and organize Spaces with RefinedWiki’s Original Theme

Create customized designs and brand Confluence to match your corporate style with RefinedWiki’s Original Theme. Improve the user interface and increase the user adoption rate of Confluence. Organize your Spaces into categories and sub-categories by simply using drag’n’drop, create custom dashboards, and more.

Easy branding, design, layouts, navigation, and authoring with Zen

More than a theme, Zen makes Confluence ideal for all users. Expand your audience with complete branding, advanced design tools, drag-and-drop layouts, navigation, and drafts. Then make collaboration a snap: with Zen’s micro-content editing, Confluence 4 is not only the world’s most powerful online editor, it’s now the easiest to use.

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With all these incredible add-ons now compatible with the latest version of Confluence, there’s never been a better time to upgrade.

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