Ever wanted to be able to personalize Jira, perhaps to remove a click or two with AJAX to speed up a common task?

Introducing Speakeasy, a Framework for Quick Personalization and Extension

Speakeasy is a new way to build on top of Jira. With Speakeasy anyone with frontend development skills–Javascript, CSS, HTML, etc–can build a personalization or extension to Jira. As we all know, frontend development is insanely fast, avoiding compiling, complex interfaces, and difficult development environments. Building a Speakeasy extension can take just a few minutes, and can save you and your team tons of time. Do note, though, that we don’t have a 1.0 version of Speakeasy just yet.

Take the Challenge: 15 minutes of hacking, $15k in cash

Codegeist, Atlassian’s plugin coding competition, has a $15,000 cash prize for the best Speakeasy extension. And you still have two weeks to enter a submission. We challenge you to spend 15 minutes building something that makes Jira easier and better for you, submit your extension to Codegeist, and enter to win a Codegeist t-shirt and a chance at $15,000 in cash money.

Getting Started with Speakeasy

Follow these steps to get hacking on a Speakeasy extension:

  1. Install Speakeasy on an instance of Jira
  2. Start building a Speakeasy extension
  3. Submit your extension to Codegeist

Simple Implementation, Large Impact

We’ve published the binaries and source of a number of Speakeasy Extensions that have been built here at Atlassian. You’ll see that many of these extensions are small improvements: keyboard shortcut “i” to create a Jira issue from any page; better attachment display; issue properties quick look on mouse-over; etc. However, Speakeasy extensions can tackle much bigger problems, too. For example, our CEO and co-founder, Mike Cannon-Brookes, built an extension that restructures the admin screen navigation to be a horizontal, top-positioned list with drop-downs instead of the standard left-sidebar menu.
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We know most of our Jira customers are technical, and we’re excited to be providing a framework that lets people quickly and easily personalize and extend Jira. So give Speakeasy a go and submit what you built for a chance to win $15,000!

Personalize and Extend Jira in 15 minutes with Spe...