The Jira Data Generator helps create large Jira test instances that can be used for performance and scalability testing. It quickly generates random metadata (projects, workflows, statuses, custom fields, etc) and random test data (issues, edits, comments, issue transitions etc) spread over a user defined time period.

Warning: Do not use this plug-in on a production server. The plugin generates test data very quickly and can overwhelm and pollute your production Jira system.

Test instances the way you want them

The plugin is available for Jira 4.0, 4.4, and 5.0. For any Jira instance, you can use the plugin to specify what types of data you would like to create in order to mirror your own system:

  • Number of workflows
  • Custom permission schemes
  • Additional issue types
  • Random sub-task types
  • Random resolutions
  • Gaussian distribution for amount of comments generated

Information you need

You need to plan for the future. Maybe next month or next year will bring a new department full of users, more staff because the business is growing and hiring, or even a sweet new piece of hardware you’ve had your eye on. Use the Jira Data Generator plugin to test how your instance will perform two or three years from now – run configurations of the issues, projects, and custom fields in the amounts you anticipate coming into Jira, and see what will happen if you exceed the current rate of growth.

If new teams come to you looking for a complex workflow and dozens of custom fields, the results from the Jira Data Generator provide insight for how you shape future projects. Plan your budget and know at what point you’ll need to re-evaluate the current configuration. Save your future self time and headaches!

Try Today – It’s Free!

If you use Jira 4.4 or above, use the Plugin Manager to download and install the plugin from Jira itself. Alternately, learn more about the Jira Data Generator plugin on the Plugin Exchange – including screenshots, compatibility with Jira, and download instructions.

Again, please be sure to only use this on a test instance and NOT on your production Jira. To setup a test instance, simply get a free Developer license from

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