Summit 2013, Atlassian’s 5th annual user conference, promises to be a big one for developers, software teams and business executives alike. In addition to industry-focused trend panels featuring speakers from organizations such as Virgin Media, HubSpot, Orbitz, Pandora, Turner Broadcasting, Twitter and NASA, Atlassian is kicking off the 3-day event with a special Fireside Chat hosted by PandoDaily‘s Sarah Lacy, with Atlassian co-Founders and co-CEOs Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar.


Non-Summit attendees are invited to join this exclusive discussion taking place Tuesday, October 1st at 5:30 p.m in San Francisco, and get a sneak peek of what has made Atlassian the company it is today. From its bootstrapped beginnings and its focus on being a global company from the start, attendees will learn how how the enterprise software market has changed during the past decade, how Atlassian keeps innovation an employee priority, what’s the magic sauce of going to school in Sydney and what’s in store for this Australian startup-turned-global-enterprise software company.

Hear firsthand from Mike and Scott, leaders and also prominent investors in the Australian tech scene, on what makes them tick, what piques their investment interests, how they’ve succeeded in Silicon Valley as two Aussies working on their first startup and why university students have it so much better these days.

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