Hope to see you at our Palo Alto user group tomorrow at the Stanford Faculty Lounge! The meet up is open to customers, partners, and anyone interested in Atlassian software. Presentations and birds-of-a-feather go from 1 to 5pm, then we’ll serve food and drinks and hope folks can stick around to socialize a bit.
Speakers include

  • Jeffrey Walker, President at Atlassian, Welcome
  • Scott Farquhar, Co-founder and CEO, Atlassian, Introduction
  • Ned Lerner, Sony Playstation, on Jira and Confluence
  • Jeff Calado, Apple, on Confluence
  • Chris Kohlhardt, Gliffy, on Gliffy and Confluence
  • Joanna Thurmann, Polycom, on Jira
  • Matt Doar, Consulting Toolsmiths, on Jira
  • Joshua Wold, Atlassian, on use cases and tips

You can get more details and RSVP here.

Palo Alto User Group Tomorrow...