orderform.jpg Yesterday I came across a discussion spotlighting Atlassian’s pricing and order forms. Mike spoke about transparency and pricing on Robert Scoble’s ScobleShow CEO Talk and that got people chatting.
At Atlassian, we don’t have a ‘sales’ team. The most efficient way to order our products is online. When you order, instead of checking a box from a pre-existing list or adding to a cart, you select the appropriate product from a drop-down menu on our order form. Separately, there’s a simple yet complete pricing table of all the options on the appropriate licensing & pricing page for Jira and Confluence.
To our knowledge, the order form has worked well for a long time now. That said, let us know your thoughts. What do you think of our order form? Comment to this entry, or join in and voice your opinion to the existing conversation on Joel’s conversation page.

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