Monster builds and how to tame them

According to Wikipedia the term software build refers to the process of converting source code files into standalone software artifact(s) that can be run on a computer. Basically, it is the process of turning your source code into working software.
Some organizations automate the build process by practicing continuous integration so there is always a stable, working piece of software.
The process seems so simple. It may start out that way, but as your software grows so does the complexity of the builds (and the build process). Your builds can grow into “monsters” with

  • more features
  • more unit and functional tests
  • support for more platforms
  • use of more sophisticated technologies

In the Monster builds and how to tame them presentation by Chris Mountford at Atlassian Summit 2010 he gives techniques for controlling monster builds and examples of Atlassian tools used to reign in the unruly hoards that are Atlassian’s software project builds.
Check out the recorded presentation right here:

Want to view the slides?

The Monster builds and how to tame them presentation slides and video recording can be found on the Atlassian Summit 2010 site (along with all other presentations from the event).

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