First off, I want to thank Jon Hertzig of OpenCloud for giving such a great presentation on using Confluence for technical documentation. It was a great presentation with excellent content and demos. Watch the webinar now:

Secondly, I want to apologize for the confusion which our webinar’s time zones presented. The webinar program stated EST as the time zone, but it should have been AEST for Australian time. Since Australia is a day ahead of the rest of us, many people tried catching the webinar a day late. I have already raised my concern with our webinar vendor.
Lastly, I must admit that producing this webinar was truly a learning experience for me. We had technical difficulties which caused an echoing sound until we figured it out and stopped at about the 17min 45s mark of the video. If the echo is too much for you, please download the PPT slides (WikifiedDocumentation.ppt) and skip past this mark on the recording. You will still catch the meat of the demonstration and the killer Q & A session.
The video above is the first time I have used ScreenFlow to produce a webinar and must say I am truly impressed! Keep your eye out for better quality webinar recordings from here on out.
Please please contact us if you’d like to be a part of either our VOTC or POM webinar series. To stay informed, please visit our events page.

OpenCloud Webinar Video