For longtime followers of Atlassian, you may have heard of this thing we do called ShipIt Day. Since 2005, we’ve been giving Atlassian employees 24 hours to develop a working prototype that “scratches an itch,” around an area related to their personal or team operations, or demonstrates something awesome and inspiring. The pizza and beer fueled competition concludes with an edge-of-seat “show-and-tell” where employees vote for a winner. Along with company-wide recognition and personal bragging rights, the winner takes home a trophy and limited-edition t-shirt.

Chronicled by author Dan Pink in his best-selling book, “Drive,” Atlassian’s ShipIt Days have influenced dozens of companies from Ennova to Yahoo! to encourage employees to step out of their day-to-day mindset, think creatively about anything that relates to their business and then deliver a solution. All this interest in ShipIt Day makes us blush. Given the curiosity surrounding our twist on a hack day, we thought it right to share a bit more of the ShipIt Day secret sauce.

Now Shipping: Atlassian ShipIt Day

Starting today, we want to ship Atlassian ShipIt Day to your team. We’re announcing a month-long campaign to hear stories from organizations like yours to learn why you need the ShipIt Day spark. Why did innovation stop happening? Does your company feel like working in the film Office Space? Bureaucracy and politics weighing you down?

For one lucky organization, we’ll ship our seasoned crew of “ShipIt Experts” to your organization and run one for your team – beer, trophies and all the other goodies that make it quintessentially Atlassian. To celebrate our 18 ShipIt Days and convince you further, we’ve put together a little retrospective on ShipIt Day. Check out the page or click on the button to find out more.


Submissions end December 21st, get ’em in before the holidays!

Update 2/23: Thank you everyone who submitted their story! It’s taking us a bit longer than planned, but we’re in the final stages of selecting a winner. We’ll announce the winning organization on this blog in March!

Atlassian ShipIt Day is coming to you