I’ll be spending the weekend at Northern Voice 2007, in Vancouver, billed as “Canada’s blogging conference.” Here’s how the organizers describe it:

“In 2005, the organizers of Canada’s first weblogging conference put on an event that was inexpensive, informal, and accessible to techies and newbies alike. From those humble beginnings Northern Voice has been transformed into… well, actually it’s still cheap, friendly and open to all…And although it is a weblog conference, the range of topics may involve anything that webloggers are interested in… that is, just about anything. Previous years have had plenty of geekery mixed with panels on how blogging interacts with family life, education, travel, photography, community building and establishing professional profiles. Speakers range from the big names at the top of the Technorati rankings to first-time presenters with a passion to share.”

John Willinsky of UBC and I will be holding a session on Saturday where we’ll discuss Building Rich Communities with Wikis. John will be discussing his Public Knowledge Project, which aims to improve the quality of research through the use of social software, and I’ll be discussing the use of wiki for Using Wiki in Education, the wiki-based book to build a community of authors, support their writing, and build an ongoing community of readers and contributors.
Hope to see you there!

Northern Voice 2007...