In Atlassian Support we aim to provide Legendary Service to our customers and ultimately make our customers awesome.  We also like to have fun while doing it!

Most recently, while Tim Wong, one of our Senior Suport Engineers in San Francisco was spending 3 months abroad in our Sydney office to help train up new staff (it’s all part of our secondment program), we knew we had to do something special for him for when he returned.

Tim is a long-time Atlassian and a running “inside joke” we have had with the team is that in his spare time he would open his own convenience store.  You know, one of those random stores that sells groceries, has a lotto machine, provides notary services, does oil changes.  These are a’plenty around the San Francisco area.  So when we knew Tim was returning from his working holiday and we had a bunch of leftover cardboard from our recent office move, we decided to build Tim his very own convenience store at his desk.  Behold!

Yep – Grandmaster Wong’s Convenience Store has it all!  Including:

  • Working light switch to make sure customers can see what Tim has to offer.
  • Beaded entryway to allow for privacy when work needs to get done.
  • Various pieces of crayon artwork, graciously donated by Atlassian staff.
  • Fully furnished with skylight, working chimney and a flower bed.
  • Soon will be hooked up to M.E.A.T., which is our internal scheduling system that allows you to book meeting rooms via iPads.

I think it’s safe to say that Tim will have a hard time letting go of his new found “store” in the future.

Having fun and playing as a team is just part of the awesome culture we have here in Atlassian Support.  And wouldn’t you guess – we’re hiring!  We have openings in SydneySan Francisco and Amsterdam.  Feel free to check out this video which gives a bunch more detail as to why working in Atlassian Support is a great place to be.  We’d love for you to come join our legendary team, help make our customers awesome and have a lot of fun doing it.  Perhaps the next time one of our employees goes on a secondment, it could be you!  Or at the very least you can help prank someone’s desk upon their return.

Newest Feature in the Atlassian Office: A Convenience Store