GigaSpaces_logo.png GigaSpaces, a provider of infrastructure software solutions, uses a wiki for technical documentation and online help, not RoboHelp. Here’s an excerpt taken from the case study:

Q: You’re among the trailblazers using a wiki for online help. Why use a wiki as opposed to traditional online help tools?

A: I hope for the sake of my fellow technical writers that they begin to explore the possibilities here — it’s really a big revolution in our field. Many tech writers think of a wiki as a great collaboration tool, but they don’t realize that it can be an amazing platform for online help. Even though tools like RoboHelp are designed specifically for online help and they have many features that make our lives easier (features that Confluence doesn’t have), we were still able to construct a professional documentation system on top of Confluence. We proved that it can be done and that it’s definitely worth doing.

Read the complete wiki case study on GigaSpaces. And, to see how Confluence is used in other ways, check out all the Confluence case studies.
A special thank you to Gilad David Maayan, technical writer at GigaSpaces, for this participation in the case study.

Case Study: Using Wikis for Online Help...