Atlassian Partner EditGrid just put out an awesome new release of their core product, the EditGrid Online Spreadsheet.
I’ll start with a quick re-cap: EditGrid is a brower-based spreadsheet that allows to collaborate (in real time!) with your colleagues. The experience is amazing. I’m not an expert Excel jockey, but I find the EditGrid UI and editing experience superior to its offline counterpart. It offers a wiki-like experience, in that multiple people can collaborate and every change is versioned and kept in history. EditGrid can also imports and export Excel files, so there’s no barrier to getting started, and no fence to lock you in.
Wiki-like spreadsheet editing — sounds like just the thing for Confluence, no? You might be working on numbers instead of words, but you still need an always accessible, canonical version of a document, great searching to find it, a simple URL to share it, and a version history to show you who’s changed it. So, EditGrid created a plugin for Confluence that allows you to embed an EditGrid spreadsheet right in a wiki page. I love it, and find myself using it more and more often.

I was pretty excited to hear from David Lee, CEO of EditGrid, who let me know about their new release: EditGrid now offers Data On Demand. They’ve taken information from a ton of places on the net and allowed you to add live data into a spreadsheet. A simple example would be a call that gets the current price of YHOO stock, or the current exchange rate between a US dollar and an Australian dollar. That data will be updated every time the spreadsheet is viewed, and the you can base calculations off of it.

This live Data on Demand is only available on the Hosted version of EditGrid at the moment, but we hope to see it in the Confluence plugin soon.

Example Spreadsheets

New Release of EditGrid core service