With as many plugins as we have these days, the plugin library homepages were starting to get a little out of hand. So I decided to simplify things a little bit and simultaneously highlight some of our most valuable plugins. Here’s the old and new:

Confluence Old

Confluence New

Jira Old

Jira New

We now list plugins by popularity (based on page visits as recorded by the usage-plugin) and by most recently updated. Below those two tables, we show direct links to each of the plugin categories, which is much more manageable on its own than the massive plugin homepage used to be.
I’ve kept the old homepages to use as a kind of index. I’ll eventually include the a search feature on those pages.
I’m hoping that this redesign will make the whole plugin process a little less daunting and encourage people to make use of all this great work represented in the plugin libraries.

New Plugin Library Homepages